October 24, 2016

Online Coaching

Have you signed up for our online coaching plan? They will help you extend extend your practice of mindfulness during change. Online group coaching helps you learn from people just like you, coached by one of Emberea Associates’ expert coaches.

We have three plans available to you. You can sign up by clicking on the appropriate button.

With our free assessment, you can take the Reaction Reflector and interpret your own results. The information is there, as are suggestions for coaching yourself toward resiliency. If you’d like, you can purchase coaching at a later date.

Value-added coaching plans

Paid coaching plans help you maximize your movement from reaction to chosen response From reactivity to resiliency. For each of these plans, you meet online with an Emberea Coach and peers from other organizations. The focus is on putting one or two strategies in place to move from reaction to mindful response toward your organization’s change. We provide you with a 100% refund if, after the first session, you find your needs might be better met in some other way. Just let us know within 24 hours after your first session and the refund will be made.

The 3-hr plan is for three hour-long sessions, one day (evening or weekend) per week for three weeks.

The 6-hr plan is for six hour-long sessions, one day (evening or weekend) per week, for six weeks.

The Custom Coaching Plan is for those who might want a more sustained engagement with an Emberea Coach, a different timespan, or who prefer one-on-one with the Coach. Custom Plans require a separate contracting process.

Text-basedText-based Coaching can by used on its own, or in combination with any of the coaching plans described above. Our unique Anytime Anywhere coaching plan is just right for people experiencing dynamic change.

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