December 4, 2017


“This” / “That”

Change processes sometimes get stuck in what we call the “This” / “That” dialectic. The perspective on one side is: “This change is ‘ours’.” On the other side, the perspective is: “That change is ‘theirs’.” The “We-zone” is comprised of those who can somehow reconcile this sense of “ours” / “theirs”. In this zone, unanticipated improvements can be found. Expectations are exceeded here. With “this” change pushing against “that”, the size of the We-zone is limited. Our DCPOI™ Tools help expand the We-zone.

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We-zone Tools

We use Dialectical Change Processes for Organizational Improvement, or DCPOI™. Our DCPOI™ Tools create a self-sustaining and expanding We-zone where people find a personal benefit in your organization’s change‒‒a personal benefit that helps propel the change forward. DCPOI™ Tools include:

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