July 7, 2017

About the Reaction Reflector

Try the Reaction Reflector for yourself

The Reaction Reflector has been developed over four years in a research program seeking to understand the reactions to organizational change. The instrument shows how mindfulness can help people respond to change more completely and confidently. The result is a highly consistent 50-question assessment that takes ten minutes to complete and provides a wealth of information about your natural reaction to change

More importantly, the Reaction Reflector offers time-tested techniques to help you become more mindful during change‒‒to help you choose your response to change instead of being driven by your reactions.

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The Reaction Reflector gives you exercises and practices that are customized to your unique reaction type. These exercises can help you become more mindful during change––more open and less controlled by automatic reactions happening in a “black box.”

The basic premise

The Reaction Reflector helps impact your response to change. pullquote It helps you understand the sources of your reaction to change. Further, it helps you understand the amount of personal benefit you can receive from it. Can change benefit you? Can we change our perception about the amount of personal benefit a change will bring to us? Yes, we can. It turns out that mindfulness is the key.


We don’t have to be on automatic.

This is how research suggests we respond to change


The human response to change isn’t mysterious

The response to change can be predicted: and impacted. There is no “black box” of the mind.

We can do better

Our research shows that we don’t have to act like the models predict. Something happens between those last two boxes of intent and action (reaction and response). The black box need not be hidden. Mindfulness–that ability to be aware of what is happening in the here and now–helps us understand when our reactions are getting the better of us; when what we see or hear might possibly be distorted.

When we are mindful of our unique pattern of reaction, we can be free to choose our own response. The Reaction Reflector offers customized suggestions for how you can become more mindful, and less reactive, during change. If you would like to learn about the literature supporting the need for the Reaction Reflector, and the initial study we used to develop it, please feel free to click here.

Take the Reaction Reflector

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