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Want voice/video mindfulness coaching to help you through change? Select Option 2, below.

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Options for Video / Teleconferencing

If you select one of our personal coaching options held via video or teleconference, you can expect indiviualized support to help you become more mindful, and less reactive, during change. This will help you decrease stress and increase choice.

We suggest group coaching to help you learn from others. You cal also opt for one-one-one time with one of our professional mindfulness coaches

Free Assessment+ 3 hours of Coaching

$ 133

3 hours of anytime, anywhere coaching: $133

Free Assessment+ 6 hours of Coaching

$ 250

6 hours of anytime, anywhere coaching: $250

Free Assessment+ Custom Coaching


Custom coaching

Options for Real-Time Text-based Coaching

You might need mindfulness and resiliency now, just before going into that meeting. Sometimes it helps to get some quick coaching when you're just thinking about change. Emberea Associates' Real-time Text-based Coaching can help. We'll coach you in-the-moment to use your mindfulness and resiliency skills and be your very best in that meeting.

Take a few minutes and we'll be there waiting for you (late ate night contact will be responded to the next morning).
Give us a try for a week and see what you think.

Our LinkedIn-only Plan is $5/wk**

Our Twitter-only Plan is $10/wk**

Our Text-only Plan is $15/wk**

* "All-the-time" text-based coaching is available 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. EST.
Messages ssent after 8 p.m. EST are guaranteed to be responded to by 8 a.m. the following morning, EST.

** Your firsy week of text-based coaching is free. Thereafter, you will be billed for a month at a time.

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